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Boybek is a Colombian Pop Funk singer and songwriter. After his graduation as a music producer at Full Sail University, he began his career as a singer in February 2020 with his first single No Es Justo. During the pandemic, Boybek performed more than 200 virtual shows in collaboration with the La Mega Student Tour. Unable to hear his audience sing along with him at virtual shows, Boybek adapted the chorus from his second single Piedra y Papel into sign language so his camera-turned audience could sing with him no matter the distance. This campaign for the inclusion of the hearing impaired community took over the networks and gained a lot of popularity in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia.

In 2021, Boybek focused on developing his new Pop Funk musical proposal with his third and fourth releases Al Mismo Ritmo (LCLU) and Pa ’Ti. Hand in hand with Álvaro Rey of Katamaran, they developed what would become the artist's signature sound in the releases to follow and in the development of his first studio album. Part of Boybek's musical identity is created by Boris Milan, multiple Latin Grammy winning mixing and mastering engineer who has worked together with the artist in the mixing and mastering of the vast majority of his singles.

Boybek returns to live shows in 2022, appearing at festivals such as the UR FestivalBe Happy FestLagoon Fest, among others. These festivals have allowed him to share the stage with artists such as Mau y RickyAndy RiveraLlane and Katamaran. His fifth single, La Pena, has allowed him to provide a message of self-love to his audience, as well as multiple appearances in Latin genre awards such as the HEAT awards, Nuestra Tierra awards and Monitor Latino. The official video for La Pena was produced under the direction of Juan Gamba, a director known for his work with artists such as Andrés Cepeda and Katamaran, among others.



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